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Many people have never hired a caterer before. And if that is true for you, here are a number of questions you may want to ask yourself to help your event be the best that it can be. Every catering event is different: from back yard barbecues to deli trays or elegant receptions. Each person has a specific idea and style in mind when it comes to their special event. By working through these questions you will begin to create the event you are hoping for. We look forward to working with you.

What type of service would you like?

DELIVERY: least expensive and is self service also requires your own service ware and clean up
LIMITED SERVICE: delivered, set up and picked up after event is finished
FULL SERVICE: full on-premise service from set up to service and clean up with wait staff

How would you like your meal served?

BUFFET: food is available on buffet tables and either guest’s help themselves or wait staff serves them as they proceed through the buffet line
FOOD STATIONS: multiple buffet areas to offer food to your guests

PASSED APPETIZERS: wait staff approach and serve your guests with food on trays
SIT DOWN: wait staff serve multiple courses to seated guests

What beverages would you like to serve?

Any non-alcoholic beverages, such as lemonade, iced tea and coffee can be contracted through Crazy Mountain Catering. If you are considering serving alcohol beverages, please ask Faith for vendor referrals.

The style of service can often set the tone of your event. If you would like assistance with determining what style would work best for your event, Faith will be happy to help.

Determining catering costs

There are many variables that affect the cost of a catered event including the number of guests, menu and location.
• Are you having disposable ware or using china? Dishes take time to wash and the labor cost would increase for an event with china.
• The length of the event is also a factor for your labor cost since labor is calculated and charged by an hourly rate.
• Does CMC staff need to be there early enough to set up tables and chairs and place china and linen on the tables or will you take care of that?
• Where are you having the event?
• Is there a kitchen or room where CMC can set up? Menu and prices will vary whether the event is at an outdoor location with no running water or at a facility with a professional kitchen.
• Will you be in an elegant ballroom with expensive linen or in a rustic barn with paper tablecloths? There are many different kinds of locations to choose from, please ask Faith for vendor referrals.

Next Steps

Now that you have answered some basic questions you are ready to place a call to Faith to discuss your event and request a menu proposal with associated costs.


Please let us know if you have a menu in mind and any dietary restrictions or personal preferences. Also, if you already know your budget, let us know that too. This way the initial proposal can reflect your budget instead of offering ideas that may be either far less or above your desired budget. 


CMC looks forward to working with you to create a memorable, tastefully simple event for you and your guests to enjoy. Please refer to the contact section of this website to send us some preliminary info.

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